Aetna Provider Enrollment

Aetna is a managed health care company in the U.S. that provides traditional and consumer-directed insurance coverage. This insurance provider has been providing consumers with health care coverage since its founding in 1853. Consumers who have Aetna insurance may have coverage for medical, dental, pharmaceutical and behavioral health services, along with long-term care and disability plans. Aetna sells primarily through employer-paid insurance programs and Medicare, and is now a subsidiary of CVS.

At Bikham Healthcare, we can help a variety of health professionals who need to bill Aetna as an in-network provider, such as physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, dentists and hospitals.

Medicaid Insurance Credentialing

Through Medicaid, the federal and state governments partner to share costs. Many public and private health professionals offer Medicaid services. Unfortunately, getting paid for rendered medical services is a hurdle many providers face, which is where Medicaid insurance credentialing and enrollment comes in.

Medicaid insurance credentialing can be a long process for health care providers, and many new physicians are surprised by how long this process can take. However, working with a partner like Bikham Healthcare can make the process of completing a credentialing application fast and simple. If you have questions and concerns about credentialing, we can provide you with the information and answers you need.

Bikham Healthcare's Aetna Insurance Credentialing Services

Many of our clients choose to work with us at Bikham Healthcare because of our credentialing services. The credentialing services we offer include the following.

  • Contract negotiations: At Bikham Healthcare, we will negotiate fee rates and contracts for you. For your convenience, we keep an up-to-date database on each payor's latest fee schedule. We will also revisit older agreements to obtain better rates based on availability from the payor.
  • Network research: We will help your practice have the most varied and successful mix of in-network payors. Our credentialing team has experience in enrolling physicians with commercial payors, Medicare and Medicaid.
  • PECOS and CAQH maintenance and setup: It's crucial to stay abreast of PECOS and CAQH profiles. We will maintain these on your behalf and ensure all your information is accurate and compliant.
  • Application filing: At Bikham Healthcare, we will send you a checklist consisting of the information and documents you need when filing your applications. After we obtain these details, our team will complete the appropriate applications and ensure your submission is flawless, allowing you to experience the shortest possible turnaround time.
  • Annual credentialing maintenance: If your health care facility has several providers, you should have accurate provider database management. We manage and maintain data from providers' credentials on our credentialing portal. This tool is HIPAA-compliant, comprehensive and transparent.
  • Out-of-network enrollments: If closed panels force you to stay out of network or you choose to maintain that status, we can also help you with out-of-network enrollments. We can assist you through the entire process, so you can start receiving payments as soon as possible as an out-of-network provider.
  • Demographic changes: Further, whether you have simple or complex demographic changes, we can tackle these for you by updating your address, bank account or IRS Tax ID.

  • How to Get Credentialed With Aetna as a New Provider

    Every provider who wants to become an in-network provider with Aetna needs to complete the credentialing process. Once you have enrolled with Aetna, you can bill the company directly. To get Aetna credentialing status, follow these steps:

  • First, you will join Aetna's network as a health care professional by completing the online request for participation form.
  • Next, Aetna will evaluate your need to service members in your location. They will notify you within 45 days about whether you are eligible to participate and can begin the contracting process.
  • Then, you will receive your credentialing application from the CAQH ProView to start the process for credentialing. To ensure Aetna can access your application, you will need to designate it as an authorized health plan.
  • Finally, after completing credentialing, your contract with Aetna will be official, and you will receive welcome materials.

  • Benefits of Bikham Healthcare Helping You With Aetna Credentialing and Enrollment

    When you want to get credentialed with Aetna, Bikham Healthcare can offer many advantages throughout the process if you partner with us.

  • Fixed price: For each application, we charge a fixed price with no hidden fees.
  • Full assistance: We offer complete help for your billing team.
  • Document alerts: You will get a real-time notification if you have a document that is expiring.
  • Account manager: We will also provide you with a dedicated account manager to handle your account.
  • Highly experienced staff: Our staff has extensive knowledge in credentialing and enrollment, and they'll bring their expertise to your partnership with us.
  • Faster application completion: We ensure quick turnaround times for our clients, which means your application will be ready to go much sooner.
  • Continue focusing on your work: Allow Bikham Healthcare to handle your credentialing paperwork, so you can continue focusing on patient care and the tasks you need to complete to maintain your practice.
  • Real-time status of your application: When you choose Bikham Healthcare, you will find out about your application's status in real time.
  • High approval rate for first-time applications: Health providers who are completing an application for the first time will have a greater chance for approval when they choose to work with us.

  • Who Can Bikham Healthcare Help With Aetna Provider Credentialing?

    At Bikham Healthcare, we help various medical professionals with Aetna insurance provider enrollment. The following industry segments and specialties we enroll with Aetna include:

    • Audiologists
    • Behavioral health providers
    • Chiropractors
    • Hospitals
    • Nurse practitioners
    • Occupational therapists
    • Optometrists
    • Physical therapists
    • Physicians
    • Physician assistants
    • Podiatrists
    • Speech-language pathologists

    We assist solo provider practices and small group practices that do not have dedicated staff members to handle all the lengthy tasks involved in payor enrollment. We also assist midsized and larger practices with greater needs for technology that effectively manages credentialing information and the payor enrollment process.

    Contact Bikham Healthcare for Aetna Insurance Credentialing and Enrollment

    Since our founding in 2006, Bikham Healthcare has been striving to be better, do better and leave better. Our goal is to improve the world for our clients, employees and those around us. Our clientele includes premier health care institutions, physician groups, hospitals, laboratories, stand-alone physicians and DME companies.

    When you work with us, we will focus on learning about your needs, specialty and location. If you need to bill Aetna as an in-network provider, we make the process of credentialing and enrollment simple. Contact us at Bikham Healthcare for assistance with Aetna health insurance provider enrollment and credentialing.