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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

A comprehensive service that includes all aspects of the complex laboratory medical billing process.

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Lab Credentialing & Enrollments

Lab Credentialing & Enrollments

Credentialing & Enrollment with the right payers for your lab to witness consistent and stable growth.

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Patient / Client Centric Enablement

Patient / Client Centric Enablement

Give your patients faster reports, accurate benefits checks & online conveniences they’ve been asking for.

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Lab Billing Assessments & Compliance

Billing Assessments & Compliance

A team of professional lab managers and billing experts to offer you a detailed assessment of your current lab revenue cycle

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Laboratory Medical Billing Services for

Clinical Toxicology

Anatomic Pathology

Cancer Genomics



Molecular Diagnostics

Industry Segments

Independent Lab Billing

Independent Labs

laboratory Billing

Reference Labs

Hospital Lab Billing

Hospital Labs

Physician Office Lab Billing

Physician Office Labs

Key Differentiators to Boost Profitability

Contract & Rate Negotiations

Our Laboratory credentialing and Enrollment department maintains an ongoing data of all the insurance company contracts and fee schedules, while improving and negotiating better rates, as and when available, appealing closed panels and low contract terms to get you the highest rates and reimbursements, giving you your full deserved worth for providing such wonderful community care.

PAMA Training Sessions

Laboratory billing rules and guidelines are subject to constant change,now more so than ever before, and we like to stay on top of that. Our compliance department works constantly to ensure that our client and the billing team is awareof the latest PAMA & CMS rules and updates in the laboratory billing realm.

Compliance / Medicare Audits

We make sure we reach complete Billing regulatory expectations and maintain 100% Data integrity keeping in mind any CMS/Medicare audits that your clinical laboratory or medical practice might have to undergo. We offer complete assistance during any Medicare audits to make sure all medical billing laws and data requirements are met constantly.

100% EDI Reconciliation

Our laboratory billing team is comprised of trained professionals and holds varied expertise in working with almost all the clearing houses and more than 22 billing softwares. We have the ability to accurately interpret reasons for rejected claims, resolving everyEDI rejection in the shortest time. This ensures a seamless flow of claims from the originating source to appropriate health insurance companies.

LIS / BIS Integration Support

Our software support team specializes in LIS / BIS integrations. Thus saving your time and making sure the flow of information between your LIS and BIS is accurate and consistent. This reduces EDI related denials by at least 15%.

Ongoing Maintenance of Data Logic

The ongoing maintenance of data logic (such as ICD-10 and CPT codes, LCDs, NCDs, ZIP Codes, Medicare and Medicaid fee schedules, remittance advice and adjustment codes, state level no-markup or disclosure rules), and daily processing and management of all online submission.

Value Added Services

Lab IT Infrastructure Support

We design, deploy and manage solutions for Laboratories that support the storage of patient information in order to help secure data transmission and therefore improve operations- so you can focus on patient care. We offer complete HIPAA compliant laboratory billing solutions to help youprevent threats, detect security breaches and recover from any issues.

We also provide laboratories with full service IT support for all their software and hardware needs.

Financial Reporting & Accounting

We at Bikham Healthcare ensure your complete Financial well-being by offering you Laboratory specific Finance & Bookkeeping services. Don't worry about minimizing your taxes or balancing your books because we got that covered. Our accounting experts have years of experience dealing with insurances, and conducting a lab's financial & operational assessments with billing & collection analysis.

The three E’s

EDI / ERA / EFT Enrollments

A large number of claim rejections and reimbursement delays are owed to incorrect use of practice management tools. You will be surprised to know, a large number of claim rejections and reimbursement delays are owed to incorrect Enrollments. When we on-board your Lab, we make sure your three E’s are set up seamlessly.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Your EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Enrollment with your clearinghouse, the journey of the claim from your office till the payer’s system, has to be accurately set up for every single payer that you’re billing. Accurate EDI Enrollment makes sure the claim hits the payers system in the first go and you get reimbursements in the fastest TAT.
That’s what our Enrollment department excels at! We make sure your entire payer mix is studied to the T, all payers EDI Enrollment are worked upon as top priority to ensure seamless claim flow.

ERA (Electronic remittance advice)

ERA (Electronic remittance advice)

If your ERA’s (Electronic remittance advice) are not set up correctly and for every single payer you’re not set up for Enrollments, that causes more work load and delays for having to go through all paper checks and EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits). The enrollment team at Bikham is trained specifically for these tasks and we makes sure this is an integral part of our onboarding process.We make sure that whenever a new Lab signs on, their entire payer mixenrollments are in place and running optimally.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers)

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers)

We strive to make your Lab as paperless as possible, making sure all your electronic funds transfers are set up flawlessly to avoid the hassles of goingthrough paper checks and EOB’s. You get your money way faster and it’s an accounting haven for your billing team as well.

Why Bikham

  • Customized lab Billing Solutions Customizable RCM modules just for your lab
  • Laboratory Billing Service Personalized service / SPOC availability at all times
  • Laboratory Billing Company Fixed Insurance collections percentage charge
  • Lab Billing Complete Transparency / Daily / weekly reporting
  • PAMA Compliance Lab Billing R&D team stays on top of all PAMA and other industry updates
  • Laboratory Billing Complete suite of patient support services

Success Stories



Average Improvement in Net collection



AR over 120 day % maintained at under 5%



50% Reduction in Denials



100% Payer Reach



Threefold Increase in successful appeals



15 Million Visits processed annually

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