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Bikham is a global professional services company founded in 2005. Our main service domains are Revenue Cycle Management for Healthcare Clients, Finance & Accounting Services, IT Solutions such as Healthcare IT Support, Software development, Server Management. At the moment we operate out of 2 main locations in the US : Raleigh, NC and New York. We have one off-shore delivery centre location in India & 2020 will see at least 3 more locations coming on within the United States. Bikham currently employs upwards of 300 full time employees.

Built on a foundation of service and technology, Bikham Healthcare has grown to be a leader in the healthcare industry. A veteran top rated Medical Billing & RCM company with 14+ years of experience in Medical Billing & Coding; Credentialing & Enrollment services for Hospitals, Medical Laboratories, Multi-speciality Independent and Group practitioners from all across the United States.

Bikham Healthcare as your RCM partner

With Bikham Healthcare as your RCM partner, you have the added advantage of not only having your accounts receivables and collections being handled seamlessly but our Finance and Accounting arm helps you avail all financial services, like bookkeeping, payroll handling, taxation all under one roof and help you gain complete financial transparency and reach your financial goals faster and more effectively.

This gives our Healthcare clients a broader perspective and a comprehensive analysis of their entire financial health and how we can enhance it. Bikham Healthcare boasts of a 100% client retention rate, with all our clients steadfast with us since our inception in 2005, adding more every year.

Our promise is to “Serve Without Boundaries.” Working together in seamless unity. To be available to you in all ways… compassionate in our service and care. For us it’s personal—we take care of our clients who take care of our communities!

Our Management

Harman Dhawan (Founder & CEO Bikham Group)

Harman Dhawan ( Founder & CEO Bikham Group )

Founder and CEO at Bikham, a Healthcare, Finance & IT Solutions company, established in 2005, servicing more than 600 clients spread over 30 states, across the company’s 3 locations.

Harman started out at the age of 19, with an educational background in Business Administration and experience handling his family business in the hospitality and engineering domains, he laid the foundation of Bikham in 2005. Starting out with the Healthcare domain, adding on the Finance & Accounting arm later on and finally branching out into IT & Software solutions.

He envisioned creating an all-inclusive solution for our clients. All three most vital business operational requirements ( RCM, Finance & IT ) effectively serviced under the same roof.


Sonia Dhawan ( CEO Bikham Healthcare )

An avid entrepreneur and coach, Sonia holds the CEO position for the Healthcare arm of Bikham. She has been involved in the end to end RCM journey of on-boarding and nurturing Bikham’s Healthcare clients including Multi-speciality Physicians groups, Hospitals, Medical Laboratories and Nursing Facilities and more. With 15 years of hands on experience in Medical Billing & Physician & Laboratory credentialing, she has guided more than 300 practices and healthcare institutes to optimize their revenue cycle and grow their bottom line.

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Sonia Dhawan (CEO Bikham Healthcare)

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