Established in 2006 and envisioned well before, Bikham Healthcare is the brainchild of two very unique entrepreneurs driven by one common goal in their lives:



When asked, what would be a good tag line for Bikham, Harman Dhawan, the founder of the company responded in less than a split second:
"It's the pursuit.."
A pursuit of what can be…

Bikham Healthcare, established in 2006 is one of the earliest initiated verticals of the Bikham Group. Other verticals include Bikham Finance, Bikham IT & Bikham Academia. The idea was simple; Empower and Enable.


Sonia took charge of Bikham Healthcare in 2006 and since then served as its Managing Partner.

Starting with one client in 2006 (whom we retain till this day), Bikham Healthcare’s clientele now includes a varied mix of premier Healthcare institutions, Hospitals, Physician groups, laboratories, DME Companies, and standalone physicians. We feel privileged to have influenced and enhanced the businesses of many healthcare professionals and organizations.

The vision was to create a 360 RCM services module, which was achieved by bringing all RCM sub-segments under one roof. Right from patient registration to all Billing & Coding functions, Appeals, Denial management, Payment reconciliations and sending patient statements, even processing the patients’ credit cards.

We make sure once you’re a Bikham client, you feel you have your own Practice Management Concierge service rather than a regular RCM company.

Owing to the 18-year long multi-specialty experience, realizing its time to niche out certain specialty services we are good at, Bikham's specialized Laboratory RCM module was launched in 2016, catering specifically to mid-sized and large clinical and molecular Laboratories.

Starting 2020 with moving into a bigger location in Midtown Manhattan, six new Laboratory RCM specific departments were launched.



Sonia Dhawan

Co-Founder and Managing Partner Bikham


After completing her studies from Melbourne - Australia, Sonia came back to India and started Bikham with her long-time friend and now husband, Harman. She took charge of the Healthcare division in 2006 and has since then served as its Managing Partner. Starting with one small client in 2006 (who is retained until this day), growing to over 500 clients nationwide by 2019. Sonia added the Laboratory Billing division to Bikham’s RCM speciality repertoire in 2016, further adding 6 specialized Lab RCM departments which heavily aided in catapulting Bikham as one of the leading Laboratory Billing service providers. Ever present, unflinching. A full hands on deck approach to all business functions, no matter how small or big, wherein every client can relate with her personally, is only topped by her amiable and altruistic approach towards life and business, alike.

It’s not always business, they both enjoy tennis and are fans of the one handed backhand (we all know who is being talked about here) in particular. And yes, great coffee aficionadas! Enjoying the work day with some great Espresso.


To Leave Better

Bikham’s CSR efforts are a result of the very core value of everything we believe in. To leave a better world for our employees, clients and everyone around us.

The biggest of joys to the deepest of sorrows, all lie within us. We strongly believe that to know oneself truly is the most valuable knowledge one can acquire in his or her lifetime. Bikham’s ideology is firmly set in and supports Mindfulness. Bikham supports various activities and holds voluntary workshops conducted by the Art of Living Foundation, to lead a stress free and fuller life.

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