The three enrollment E’s | EDI, ERA & EFT

A large number of cases related to a delay in reimbursement, and claim denials owe to incorrect enrollment. When we on-board your practice, we make sure your three E’s are set up just right.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) makes the journey of your medical claim to the payer’s system seamless. There is a need for this system to be set up accurately for every single-payer that you are contracted with. This ensures that your claim hits the payer system in the first go and reimbursements are not delayed.

That’s what our enrollment department excels at!

We ensure that the entire payer mix is studied closely, and EDI enrollment is worked on a priority basis to ensure a seamless flow of revenue.  


If ERAs (Electronic Remittance Advice) of your medical practice are not set up correctly, you won’t be able to receive payments on time. Inaccurate set up for enrollments can make you suffer increased workload and delays in the form of having to go through all the paper checks and EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) manually.

The enrollment team at Bikham is trained specifically for the enrollment tasks and we make sure this is an integral part of our onboarding process. When a new Lab signs on, we ensure their entire payer mix enrollments are in place and running optimally.  


We strive to make your medical practice as paperless as possible. This is to ensure that all your electronic fund transfers are set up smoothly, and the hassles of going through paper checks and EOBs can be eliminated. Medical providers get payments for services directly in their stipulated accounts- way faster than other conventional methods.

You get your money way faster and it’s accounting heaven for your billing team as well.  

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