Lab Credentialing & Enrollments

Specialization in enrolling Laboratories with all Commercial & Non Commercial Payers, in the fastest TAT

All MAC’s, Medicaid’s, Managed Care plans, PPO/HMO, All Commercial Plans / All 50 States

Credentialing & Enrollment with the right payers is the key factor that determines every medical laboratories growth and revenue. Your Lab needs to be in network with maximum payers in the key areas where you’re getting your samples from.
Bikham Healthcare has a decade long specialization in credentialing and enrolling medical laboratories in all 50 states.


Network research and Optimization

We are your development & expansion partners! Here’s how this works. We study and understand your marketing efforts and networks from you and design an expansion and contract procurement strategy accordingly. You constantly give us headways into the direction of which states and locations your marketing management groups and marketing reps are indicating test volumes from.

Our credentialing team goes in and does an extensive network research of those areas and gives you a comprehensive report on how many payer contracts we can get and what would be the turnaround time. We go ahead and get those for your Lab in the time frame promised. This includes aggressive contract rate negotiations as well.

Our team has great connections by now with most provider network managers and provider representatives who are specifically assigned to the task of rate negotiations. These connections make our job easier, of getting better rates for your procedures and tests.

This approach has helped our Lab clients immensely in expansion and procuring new business and successfully getting fast reimbursements on the same.

We make sure we get you the maximum contracts so your Lab can have the most varied in network payer mix in your area, and countywide as well, so you can procure good volumes of business from multiple states.

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Specialization in enrolling Laboratories

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