WellCare Provider Enrollment

WellCare specializes in providing the resources individuals need to find high-quality Medicare, Medicaid and prescription drug insurance plans. Keeping medications affordable for patients is what WellCare does, and you can serve members by credentialing with WellCare today.

Bikham Healthcare offers WellCare provider credentialing services to smaller and larger medical organizations alike. If you want to speed up your application and simplify the enrollment process, we'll provide the necessary support.

Learn More About WellCare Provider Credentialing

WellCare is constantly accepting applications from health care providers who are interested in becoming a part of their network. Because WellCare serves patients all over the United States, credentialing with this provider could have a major impact on your facility's reach.

To credential with WellCare, you may need to fill out a preliminary application form to determine your eligibility for the program. From there, the company will review your responses and decide if you're a good fit to go through the full registration process. While you'll only need general information in the preliminary steps, it's a good idea to start gathering important certification, accreditation and tax documents as soon as possible.

By partnering with WellCare, you can increase your number of patients and provide them with more affordable prices. Renewing your credentials every three years is a great way to keep all your information current and compliant.

Expedite the Application Process With WellCare Credentialing Services

Without the proper credentials, you could lose out on servicing patients who need reliable care. WellCare works with health care providers and pharmacies in all areas of the industry, and we'll be glad to help you file applications and manage information more efficiently. We simplify your WellCare provider credentialing application process by:

  • Submitting your applications: We guide you through the application filing process so you can feel confident in its quality and accuracy. Our research skills also help you build partnerships with providers both inside and outside networks.
  • Following up with the correct officials: The key to a successful credentialing application is to check in regularly with WellCare to ensure the process is going smoothly. We follow up with WellCare after submission to verify that the application was received, and we continue to follow up with the provider throughout the process.
  • Negotiating fees and contracts: Bikham Healthcare keeps a record of payer fee schedules that we use to negotiate on contracts and rates for our clients. Our goal is to help you get the best prices and the best service so you can properly satisfy patients.
  • Helping you manage important information and accounts: From network research to CAQH profile setup, we provide a variety of services to help you manage information and partner with more providers. We also use our credentialing portal to offer annual maintenance for all your needs.

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    At Bikham Healthcare, we work with a wide variety of health care providers to ensure they have the credentials they need. We'll help you serve more patients and stay up-to-date with all your compliance requirements. For more details about our WellCare provider enrollment services, give us a call or contact us online today.