UPMC Credentialing

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, UPMC Health Plan is an insurance provider that delivers coverage for all types of medical assistance. UPMC is partnered with health care providers throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and West Virginia to serve patients who need reliable coverage.

Financial security is crucial for individuals and groups when it comes to health care. At Bikham Healthcare, we offer UPMC provider credentialing to aid hospitals and medical facilities in maintaining their insurance partnerships.

Our UPMC Provider Enrollment Services

Partnering with insurance providers allows you to serve a greater volume of patients. Because UPMC has such a large presence in multiple states, it's important for your facility to stay up-to-date on its UPMC credentials.

At Bikham Healthcare, we offer UPMC provider application filing, follow-up and more for health care companies in need. If you operate in an area with a large number of UPMC carriers, you'll need to make sure you can accept patients who use this insurance. You can rely on us to help you through the application, contract and management processes.

Steps Toward Success

When you work with Bikham Healthcare, you can complete credentialing applications in a fraction of the time that you could do it alone. Our services are quick and cost-effective, offered with our full support and dedication from beginning to end. We require no hidden expenses, and we help make sure all your information is available and up-to-date when it's time to apply.

The Bikham Healthcare team supports you by providing a list of all the documents you'll need before sending in an application. We conduct research, address demographic changes and even help you manage your PECOS and CAQH profiles. Some of the credentialing services we offer include:

  • Filing and follow-up process: Once you have all the documents needed for your UPMC provider application, we'll guide you through the filing process. Our team will check closely to make sure everything is correct before we submit the application. We will also follow up with UPMC regularly while you wait for results so that if they need any extra information, we can act quickly.
  • Contract negotiations with trusted research: We use our research and expertise to conduct contract negotiations with UPMC health plan providers and help you get the best rates. We do everything we can to find you plans with affordable fees, as we know how important it is to maintain productivity and save money.
  • Our annual credentialing maintenance service: With our credentialing portal, we can easily manage and maintain all your insurance credentials. In addition to your UPMC provider enrollment information, we can handle all your data from multiple providers in our system. This is a convenient service for larger health organizations that work with a variety of insurance companies and plan providers.

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    Bikham Healthcare protects medical providers and their relationships with their patients by offering UPMC enrollment and annual maintenance. If you're interested in learning more about our services or processes, contact us online today.