Anthem Credentialing

Insurance credentialing is one of your most critical processes, and Bikham Healthcare offers credentialing for a wide range of hospitals and health care providers. One of many insurance providers we work with is Anthem.

Anthem is an insurance company that serves individuals and groups in 12 states, offering Medicare and Medicaid services. The provider offers regular insurance, as well as dental and vision coverage. If you operate in an area served by Anthem, chances are good you can increase your number of patients by becoming a member.

We Handle Anthem Provider Credentialing in Less Time

Ensuring that your Anthem credentials stay valid and up-to-date is essential when you operate a health care facility. Patients rely on the ability to use their health insurance when they make an appointment at your practice. You can support these patients by working with their insurance provider.

Anthem credentialing can be a tedious and lengthy process for health care providers to take on alone. That's why we make the process easier and faster with our services. We'll help advocate for you and guide you through the entire operation to ensure it runs smoothly.

What Is Our Process?

If you plan to become a provider for Anthem, you can start the process with our support. There are a few preliminary steps you'll need to take before becoming a provider with this organization. The steps include:

  • Step 1: Partner with Bikham Healthcare. We provide a wide range of services to guide you from the beginning to the end of the process.
  • Step 2: Before you can apply for insurance credentials, you will need to gather documents. For example, most insurance providers require documents such as your medical license, DEA license, tax forms, testing and vaccination records, and more.
  • Step 3: Once you have all your information in order, it's time to file an application for Anthem. We recommend filling out your application and submitting it as soon as possible. We will take care of the follow-up process so you can ensure the proper individuals received your documentation.

  • Application Filing and Follow-up With Bikham Healthcare

    At Bikham Healthcare, we'll work with you to file your application promptly and accurately. We can start by sending a list of documents and qualifications you need to enroll with Anthem. After you have everything organized, we'll make sure your application is all set and ready for submission.

    Our team also follows up with Anthem regularly to ensure all the proper information reaches its destination. We'll also stay in touch with the provider so we can alert you if additional documentation is needed.

    Contract Negotiations

    We understand that contract fee rates for Anthem provider credentialing services cost money. As a result, we provide contract negotiation services to help you achieve the best prices.

    Bikham Healthcare specializes in doing research for medical care companies by studying competitors and collecting data on contract fees. This allows us to negotiate on insurance fees for your organization.

    Annual Credentialing Maintenance

    Our larger medical care partners often need help managing insurance credentials. We provide annual maintenance to ensure your credentialing data stays secure and up-to-date.

    Our annual credentialing management service is the ideal option for health care facilities that rely on support from multiple insurance providers. We use our credentialing portal to access all your information when we conduct maintenance.

    Contact Us

    Serving the industry since 2006, we have the necessary experience to keep your credentials current each year. For more information about our Anthem provider enrollment services, please contact us today.